My brethren,
I am not come to preach
but to make a confession,
because the best way to learn
is from thy neighbour’s sins.

 I am not come to give you bread
but to help you see
that you are hungry.
I am not come to make you free
but to help you see
that you are slaves.
Instead of light,
I am bringing you wind.

Fear not the wind.
Let those content
fear the wind,
those who will always want
the fruit-bearing rain to fall on their fields,
the life-giving sun to shine on their lands,
and never a lightning to strike
nor dark waters sweep their homes away.

Fear not the wind which brings low,
heavy clouds because
in their pregnant womb
thunder and lightning
are brewing.

My brethren,
Here I come
to confess to you
that I am the wind.
And you
must become wind,
or else,
you will be slaves
until the end of time
and not know it.

To my disciples
I thus speak:
the fastest, hardest road to freedom
is submission.
Go find the meanest master
become his slaves, obey him
and follow his wishes.
Only then
will your hearts be big and free.
And when you know the day
that your master is become a slave,
then leave him,
with mercy.

< Назадм творчеств

(About trees)
Before learning to connect
you must learn to separate
Therefore my sermon
about the god and the devil
Who will teach you
when I am gone?
Dare not learn from the stone,
it is not for you.
Learn from the trees.
Look at the oak-tree
that mightiest of trees
which bears tiny acorns
food fit for swine.
Look at the chestnut-tree
its leaves most sheltering in the summer,
its fruit most prickly in the fall.

Look at the aspen-tree
its leaves quivering alike
in calm and wind.
And above all,
learn from the poplar-tree.
Its branches grow
not sideways
but upwards.
It keeps its strength
to tower high.


Translated by Stefana Roussenova