Zahari Stoyanov Publishing House 2012

The book includes:

Essays, Memories, Interviews and Reviews and Memories of Stefan Gechev


In 1911-2000 bulgarian cantual and poet Stefan Gechev became acquainted with and lived with prominent Greek artists. At an advanced age, he writes his personal memories and in this book talks about his attitude to their work and personal moments with Odiseas Elitis, Grigoros Seferis, Kostas Varnalis, Ianis Rizos, Nikos Kazantzakis, Jorgenos Teotokas, Menelaos Lundemis, Arias Lundemis, Urnis and many others..

“I will think that I have done something good in this world if my translations into Greek poetry – one of the greatest – as well as my memories of Greece and the Greek people featured in this book have contributed and perhaps will continue to contribute for spiritual communication between our peoples, the Bulgarian and the Greek. “


To the Question of the Slavic Physiologist 1938